• You can Fast Track your White Card with VIDEO verification
  • alternative is to send 100pt ID check
  • $69 Nothing else to pay! Card posted.
  • We email you a White Card Number and certification after we have reviewed your results
  • 2-4hr Online lesson modules
  • Online multiple choice assessment
  • Nationally recognised
  • Save your progress. Do course on phone, tablet, computer

$69 - You will need a white card to work in construction in QueenslandNew South WalesVictoriaWestern Australia South AustraliaTasmaniaACT Northern Territory

YOUR RECEIPT WILL BE ISSUED THROUGH OUR RTO - Allens Training. Allens Training is an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO #90909)

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Does the White Card Expire?

There is no expiry on the White Card License. However it is advised you need to maintain currency through employment and practice of OHS Requirements

I have lost my Blue Card can I get a replacement White Card

The Blue Card is no longer available and cannot be issued by an RTO. If you lose your Blue Card you will need to redo the course and upgrade to a national White Card.

If I have a Blue Card Do I need White Card

All previous State issued cards are still valid including the Blue Card, Red Card and Green Card. You do not need to obtain a White Card if you can demonstrate currency and hold one of the above cards

Is there an age limit to completing the course?

Anyone over the age of 14 can complete the course. There are also mandatory identifcation requirements included. See your training provider to get more information

What employment areas require a White Card

If you currently work in, or want to gain employment in, any (but not excluding), the following areas, you need a White Card before you can enter any construction work site. Air conditioning installer Glaziers BricklayersLabourers BuildersLift mechanic Cabinet makersPlumbers CarpentersScaffolders ConcretersTilers Council EmployeeTrainee/Apprentice ElectriciansWelders EngineersDrivers

Which States can I complete the White Card Online

Although the course is nationally recognised. Different states have specific requirements for RTO's in issuing the White Card. The White Card is available online for residents and employees in all states of Australia.

Who needs a White Card?

To work on a construction site in Australia it is compulsory for everyone to hold a current Occupational Health & Safety Certificate, commonly known as a 'White Card'.The White Card is a requirement under OH&S Codes of Practice across most jurisdictions. It allows individuals to access or be present on construction sites.

Will my White Card be recognised in other states

The National White Card is recognised in each state and therefore does not need to be completed again if you cross borders for work


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